[edit] Timeline

[edit] Pregame

[edit] April 8

The newly released trailer for Hellboy II includes a URL to HETFET.org. Searching for "HETFET" reveals a cached version (recently deleted) of a Craigslist ad from LA

Date: 2008-04-06, 1:37AM PDT
Volunteers Needed to Contribute (...)

HETFET.org contains a single image and lyric.

An Abomination hath been done,
The wheels of motion turned and spun,
A quarter moon past,
Time runneth fast,
Our countdown already begun.

[edit] April 10

HETFET.org is updated to display a new lyric.

Rise up prepare to act,
The future is bleak in fact,
Unite as one,
Oh earthly son,
Protect the ancient pact.

A Craigslist ad for Seattle was also discovered

Non profit seeks volunteers
Date: 2008-04-09, 4:05PM PDT
Are you a CaRing individual? Would yOu like to heLp? We need VoLunTeers now
The alternate capital letters spell ACRWOLWVLT

[edit] April 15

HETFET.org is updated to display a new lyric.

A very dark day in our prime,
Our planet is covered in grime,
Pray hear our concern,
All ye to learn,
Five plus one less than a dime.

[edit] April 16

HETFET.org is updated to display a new lyric, this time the file naming convention has changed.

From light they often make stone,
Time for us all to atone,
Years of abuse,
From persons obtuse,
One nine of a month yet unknown.
Refreshing also makes the previous lymerics appear, now also following the new naming convention.
Lymeric 1 = ET
Lymeric 2 = LL
Lymeric 3 = SA
Lymeric 4 = TH

[edit] April 18

HETFET.org is updated to include a new lyric.

Four out of twelve leads the way,
Twenty less one points the day,
Of primary concern, For thou to learn,
Fine creatures in dire dismay.
Giving: ET LL SA TH VE
Which can anagram to: SA VE TH ET ?? LL (missing letters being RO? "SAVE THE TROLL"?)
The lymeric also seems to describe "4 of 12" and 20-1=19 - April 19th?

[edit] HETFET Revealed

[edit] April 19

HETFET.org became active.

HETFET means: "Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Fairies, Elves, and Trolls"
The new site includes a number of sections and pages of content. But of primary import is the Secret Device (link).
Believed to have been forged by mystical alchemists and metallurgists during the time when Trolls freely walked the Earth, the object known only as THE SECRET DEVICE, has thrilled and perplexed those few that have taken gaze upon it.
The device is very 'steampunk' in appearance, containing 3 rings that can be rotated, with numbers from 0 through 99 adoring their perimeter. At certain positions lights glow for each ring. There are also 10 'slots' at the foot of the device.

Lock #1 of the device is unlocked.

Positioning the rings at (or by top-left-right = ) unlocks the device.
Unlocking the device display a new poem with hilighted letters, which spell: "Lexilloyd.comhetfet.org"
This then leads to Lexilloyd.com, the personal blog of Lexi Lloyd
Returning to the device, the first slot in the footer is now 'lit'.

Lexi's site contains numerous entries dating back to January, and provides a link to her youtube profile (link)

The latest entry indicates she's going to start vlogging. Her youtube profile contains videos posted April 16 (My first VLOG) and April 17 (Re: Fairies).

[edit] April 21

A protest occurs for HETFET in New York

Various news outlets report a crowd of HETFET supporters performing a protest rally at New York's Jacob Javitz Center.

[edit] April 22

An email from Shera Vellotts (shera.vellotts@gmail.com) distributes a press release, and posts a new video

"Shera Vellotts" (anagram of "Save the trolls") mass emails a HETFET press release, revealing that Guillermo del Toro was among the ralliers. Also, Elizabeth Moora defends 'GDT' saying his appearance was 'purely coincidental'.
Shera also posts a video to youtube which proves GDT was at the rally (link).

Lexi posts three VLOGs (1 new video): "my first vlog!", "my second vlog!", and "earth day video!"

Lexi introduces herself, nervously stumbling on recording her first video blogs. She lives with her mother, and has been hanging out with her friend recently who has an idiot boyfriend. She prefers cats over dogs. On Earth Day, she shares her thoughts on environmental issues and asks for responses.

[edit] PANATROG appears

[edit] April 24

Lexi posts a new VLOG which appears later in a blog entry: "5 facts blog!"

The cat Lexi found is named "Mr.Omatta". Mr.Garret Omatta is a psychic at the BPRD.

Lock #2 of the device is unlocked.

Positioning the rings at (or by top-left-right = ) unlocks the device. This time the lights don't light up at the correct ring positions.
Unlocking the device displays a new poem with hilighted letters, which spell: ".orgpanatrog"
This then leads to PANATROG.org, which is a blank website with a logo and a 3 part password entry field.
Returning to the device, the second slot in the footer is now 'lit'.

[edit] April 25


A press release revealing the new drug Uthyntrol developed at Augustine Pharmaceuticals - purported to fight aging by stimulating collagen production.

Uthyntrol.com is discovered by googling "Augustine Pharmaceuticals" from HETFET's press release.

It is an anti-aging drug, and the promotional website, while relatively bare, reveals the drug's content includes "Inert ingredients: crushed bat wings, ring grease".

[edit] April 27

Guillermo del Toro reveals he's a member of HETFET.

In a post at the Universal Pictures (Hellboy) forum, GDT comes forward about his involvement with HETFET(link).

[edit] April 28

Lexi's myspace page is discovered (link) Lexi posts a new VLOG which appears later in a blog entry: "Dreams and random things"

Lexi describes a recurring 'Door' dream she's been having, and the symbolism of the door - self-discovery.
She found a picture of Mr.Omatta posted by a woman and took the hide road, giving him back. She had many, many cats. The lady also saw Lexi's necklace, and told her to look up HETFET.

HETFET.org News release: "PIXIES IN PERIL"

A lesson on Fairy Factory Farms, and the shocking ways in which pixie dust is gathered, manufactured, and sold. Stop the cruelty!

Guillermo del Toro explains his connection to HETFET.

In a post at the Universal Pictures (Hellboy) forum, GDT explains a lot about HETFET (link), and links to a youtube video posted under aSmarmyYeti, showing a german couple who captured a strange event (link).

[edit] April 29

aSmarmyYeti posts a 2nd mystery video, this in a response to Lexi's latest VLOG

It is a security feed depicting another similar event to the german couple's home video. In the corner is the same logo shown on PANATROG.org (link)

Lock #3 of the device is unlocked.

Positioning the rings at (or by top-left-right = ) unlocks the device.
Unlocking the device displays an analytical video of a Cave Berserker
Returning to the device, the third slot in the footer is now 'lit'.

HETFET posts a petition on their site: "Protect Ancient Forests -- Stop the Logging of Old-Growth Trees"

The petition asks for a name, email, and mailing location, so a message can be sent to the 'Government Agency'.

[edit] April 30

Lexi posts a new blog: "to do for tomorrow!"

Lexi makes a task for people to do May 1 - comment about what happened to them. Based on this poem she found: "If you wash your face in the morning dew on the first day of May, you will see either fairies or your future husband."

[edit] May 1

Lexi posts a new VLOG which appears later in a blog entry: "another Random vee-log!!"

Lexi plans to buy a lotto ticket, and she spent some time with her best friend. She shows off her favourite shirt - the characters on it are from A Midsummer Night's Dream - Nick Bottom and Titania. She's also checked out HETFET.

[edit] May 2

HETFET.org News release: "BRAVO DEL TORO!"

HETFET officially announces GDT's membership to the organization as a spokesman, and the work he's dedicated himself to doing in its support.

[edit] May 3

HETFET sends out two emails, each with a new lyric

"cats are also called these, a fancier term if you please, follow your mind, all work in kind, and find it with relative ease"
"Dare to "find the clues", Unfold the path you choose, Thinking minds, Combining rhymes, Hetfet brings this news."
The first lyric seems to hint at the term felines; in the second are capitals for each of the five lines, spelling DUTCH.

"Dutch Felines" leads to a new youtube profile with videos. It is also an anagram for "find the clues"

"DutchFelines" is also discovered at Metacafe (link) and on youtube, including this first video: "LEAKED Military Footage - mysterious creature?" added April 25.

Lexi posts a new VLOG: "Today's my Birthday! :)"

Lexi's excited about buying her lotto ticket. Her mom left her a birthday necklace of an L, which she now wears with her fairy necklace. She's anxious about Mr.Omatta and is considering finding the cat lady just to talk with her. She's spending time with Kristen later.

[edit] May 6

HETFET.org News release: "DEVIL MAN OR MYTH?", by Elizabeth Moora

"Elizabeth Moora" is a shout to "Bethmoora".

aSmarmyYeti posts a new video: "SCARY? YES! IMPOSSIBLE?????" (link)

In this video, some skaters catch a person drawing a 'gate' graffiti design on a wall and disappearing.

Lexi posts a new VLOG which appears later in a blog entry: "to tattoo or not to tattoo?"

Lexi's dinner with Kristen wasn't as good as she'd hoped. The boyfriend came along. Lexi's considering a tattoo - a little fairy like Britney Spears. She switched her mom's necklace back for her fairy one; her mom's was too shiny.
In the box with her mom's necklace was a photo of her dad who she hasn't seen for 10 years when he disappeared, and a father's day card.
The phone rings, and Lexi returns saying she hates prank callers. They've been happening more often recently.

Lock #4 of the device is unlocked.

Positioning the rings at (or by top-left-right = ) unlocks the device.
Unlocking the device displays an analytical video of a Tooth Fairy.
Returning to the device, the fourth slot in the footer is now 'lit'.

[edit] May 8

People report receiving mail from HETFET including a poster, buttons, and stickers

People who signed the HETFET Petition receive their support packages. Not everyone received the same full contents it seems.

[edit] May 9

Lexi posts a new VLOG which appears later in a blog entry: "Sometimes i just can't sleep"

Lexi had a nightmare, a common one, where she was being chased but couldn't run fast enough and couldn't wake up. She also went to see Mr.Omatta, but couldn't find the cat lady's house, as if it had disappeared. Lots of weird stuff going on. Video cuts after her phone rings.

[edit] May 11

Lexi posts a new VLOG which appears later in a blog entry: "bad night"

Lexi appears also to have received HETFET support material - there is now a HETFET poster on the wall behind her bed.

DutchFelines posts a new video: "SHOCKING FOOTAGE! cruel & unusual experiments?" (link)

A very short video clip appears with a number of quick scenes seeming to show an examination of a troll.

[edit] May 12

Lexi posts a new VLOG which appears later in a blog entry: "soooo sick of prank callers!"

Lexi quotes a riddle she likes, for us to solve for fun.
Start by picking a small number. Do you have it?
Now, double the number... add 8 to the result... divide the result by 2... subtract the original number
And now we're going to convert that result into a letter - so 1 would be A, 2 would be B, 3 would C, ekcetra[sic].
So with that letter, name a country that begins with it.
Now think of an animal whose name starts with the second letter of that country.
Think of a colour of that animal. You got it?

PANATROG.org pass phrase is discovered

Using the words from Lexi's riddle - , the PANATROG.org website is unlocked, revealing a wide assortment of data, and a private research video documenting a gateway.

Lock #5 of the device is unlocked.

Positioning the rings at (or by top-left-right = ) unlocks the device.
Unlocking the device displays the BPRD Field Guide: Troll Market.
Returning to the device, the fifth slot in the footer is now 'lit'.

[edit] May 14

A new poem was discovered that hints at a reward for some who reach the end of the secret device.

Reported by Superherohype, this most recent HETFET teaser seems to hint at a possible 'journey' to see Hellboy II, and much more.

[edit] May 15


Mariska Herring is revealed as a HETFET undercover employee at Augustine Pharmaceuticals. She discovered a troll farm under the bridge, and noted intensive cruelty on creatures being used as test subjects for Silver Nitrate, and as sources of troll marrow.
All her findings were brought to court a month later and the plant is shut down.

Some HETFET support packages are received contained an additional document, written with runes

The letter is written with the same symbols shown in the Runes image on HETFET's homepage. First reported by BonnieRingtail.

[edit] May 16

Lexi posts a new VLOG which appears later in a blog entry: "Lovely Little Box Part 1!"

Lexi shares one of her favourite poems on her 'lovely little box', covered with pictures and clips from magazines and such over the years. The poem is "Fearless", the authorship uncertain (her source says Brooke A. Morris, but an earlier attribution is for Anonymous.

HETFET sends out a newsletter email to its members entitled "TROLL ABUSE SCANDAL REVEALED!"

An motivational email relating to the recent news article posted at HETFET is sent to all HETFET supporters.

[edit] May 17

Uthyntrol.com updated revealing active ingredient as being Silver Nitrate The Hetfet article, "HETFET EXPOSES AUGUSTINE TROLL ABUSE" is updated

There are now links to Uthyntrol.com within the text and the G in Agatha N. Olan has been capitalized

Lock #6 of the device is unlocked.

Positioning the rings at (or by top-left-right = ) unlocks the device.
Unlocking the device displays pages 4 - 6 of the BPRD Field Guide.
Returning to the device, the sixth slot in the footer is now 'lit'.

[edit] May 19

Lexi posts a new VLOG which appears later in a blog entry: "Lovely Little Box part deux!! "

Lexi shares more from her 'lovely little box', and another poem, this one is Identity, by Megan McCall


Troll abuse in Colorado is on the rise.

[edit] May 20

DutchFelines posts a new video: "Mysterious training footage - Strange Warcraft" (link)

A full section of a PANATROG training video is released. Section 5.1, "Escape & Evade". A TROG agent appearing in the video bears striking resemblance to the photo of Lexi's dad shown earlier. The blackboard in the classroom also has some writing to note: "411811" can be seen, which breaks down to "4-1-18-11", or "DARK".

The third document on PANATROG.org's secure section is revealed (by mouseover)

An internal memorandum reviewing PANATROG's observations and findings related to HETFET and the troll population.

[edit] May 21

Lexi replied to pickachu who asked if the person in the video could be her father.

Lexi seemed to confirm that it is indeed her (younger) father, thus determining that Shaun Lloyd was a member of PANATROG.

Lexi posts a new VLOG: "My Dad?"

Lexi was forwarded to a Youtube video (Dutchfelines' by deduction) where she believes her dad is shown. She doesn't understand how though, since he was a mechanic as far as she knows, and she's certain.

[edit] May 22

Elizabeth Moora befriends a number of HETFET supporters on Facebook (Profile).

She's become a member of the HETFET group as well (based out of Quebec) (group link).

A photo of a gearway appears in the HETFET Facebook group, posted by Elizabeth Moora.

It appears to be what could be gearway the german couple noticed in an earlier video.

[edit] May 23

DutchFelines posts a new video: "Strange Experiments or?? Secret Military Footage-Part 3" (link)

A new PANATROG training video is released - Section 3.0, Capture. Training touches on Glamour, and steps for successfully capturing an SET, including mention of glamour glasses (SG-Mark 7's).

[edit] May 25

A new photo appears in the HETFET Gallery - another gearway photo by Elizabeth Moora

It's another gearway, seeming again to be the german one.

Lock #7 of the device is unlocked.

Positioning the rings at (or by top-left-right = ) unlocks the device.
Unlocking the device displays pages 7 - 10 of the BPRD Field Guide.
Returning to the device, the seventh slot in the footer is now 'lit'.

[edit] May 27

DutchFelines posts a new video: "How to SPOT the unexplained! Never before seen footage." (link)

A new PANATROG training video is released - Section 1.3, S.P.O.T. Training teaches "SPOT" tactics, and reveals the meaning of SET - Sons of the Earth Trolls (also, "SoTE"). PANATROG's phone number is list as 1-800-PANATROG. There is an odd appearance of a lizard image at the end as well.
This video was also delivered by snail mail from "A. Friend" to a number of HETFET supporters.

The fourth document in PANATROG.org's secure section is revealed (by mouseover)

An internal memorandum reviewing an uprising incident, referring to Abe, Hellboy, and the BPRD, and Tom Manning.

Lexi posts a new blog: "'social networking'"

Lexi lists off the places she's now registered: Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

[edit] May 28

Lexi posts a new VLOG: "3 weird things!" (link)

1) Lexi's sleeping with the lights on.
2) She still doesn't understand how the guy in the training videos could be her dad.
3) She saw the Cat lady, clutching a cat (not Mr.Omatta), and acting strange (repeating "who sent you? who sent you?")

The fifth document in PANATROG.org's secure section is revealed (by mouseover)

Document 5 discusses an 'Earthly Pact', with an attached emblem of a tree (Aiglin?), and the first mention of Balor. It's written by JoAnna Deak.

[edit] May 29

Lock #8 of the device is unlocked.

Positioning the rings at unlocks the device.
Unlocking the device displays an analytical video of a Lovecraftian Brute(?).
Returning to the device, the eighth slot in the footer is now 'lit'.

A new Youtube user QuestShaun was discovered, with one video already posted (May 28): "se_gway"

A very old video of what appears to be a possible Troll Market.

The sixth document in PANATROG.org's secure section is revealed (by mouseover)

The document discusses the Feline Hoarder troll - suspiciously indicative of the cat lady Lexi had been interacting with, who claimed Mr.Omatta. Surveillance has been boosted due to her proximity to Lexi.

[edit] May 31

Lexi twittered: "something strange is in the air" HETFET.org News release: "AUGUSTINE CONVICTED OF TROLL CRUELTY"

Following the shut-down of the Uthyntrol plant, Augustine was convicted on 7 counts of felony cruelty and ordered to immediate cease production, thanks to HETFET. Augustine has also been hiding negative side-effects of the drugs, and is also supposedly a major player of pixie dust farming.

[edit] June 1

Lexi posts a new VLOG: "The Most Exciting News EVER!!! (i think)" (link)

Lexi gets a suspicious email from someone claiming to be her dad. She's told to check a 'secret spot', from her childhood only she and her dad know. She followed instructions and retrieved her dad's ring, a unique and special ring. Next, she had to look in a toolbox in her garage. She knew there was no toolbox there, but looked anyway, and sure enough there was one there. Inside were instructions. She called her mom to ask about them, who then admitted that her dad's alive. Lexi was told to stay put until her mom gets back within a week, but out of excitement, she decides to go anyway.

[edit] June 2

Lexi twittered: "really weird things are happening. im going to figure this out." Lexi twittered: "i sure hope im heading in the right direction..." Lexi twittered: "wow, it feels like i've been driving forever!" Lexi twittered: "here i am at another creepy motel. this one doesn't have internet. :( at least it has cable. i will definitely be sleeping with the..." Lexi twittered: "goodnight world."

[edit] June 3

Lexi twittered: "poptarts for breakfast :)" Lexi twittered: "i feel so far from home, what am i doing?!" Lexi twittered: "having second thoughts..." Lexi twittered: "...things just don't add up" Lexi twittered: "OMG - I THINK I FOUND IT!"

[edit] June 4

QuestShaun twitters numerous binary phrases

  • 01101101011000010110111001101110011010010110111001100111 = manning
  • 01110011011101000110111101110000 = stop
  • 01110100011010000110010101101101 = them
  • 01100110011010010110111001100100 = find
  • 011101000110100001100101 = the
  • 0111000001101000011011110111010001101111 = photo

QuestShaun posts a new video: "(binary)" (link)

The video and page contain numerous codes. More binary echoing QuestShaun's tweets and the previous Base64 "deliver this message"
In the video are two binary phrases:

= "stop them // find the photo"

QuestShaun, on twitter, is following "manning866" which leads to a phone number

"manning866" can be converted to a toll free phone number: , also only available within the United States.
The phone number requires a password.

QuestShaun was discovered on Photobucket (link), with one image in the gallery

A photo of numerous logs.
Between them are strings of letters and numbers of varying length.
When put together in the right order, the answer is a base64 string

QuestShaun twitters two more base64 codes: cmUtdmlldw and cmUtY29kZQ

  • cmUtdmlldw = re-view
  • cmUtY29kZQ = re-code

Lock #9 of the device is unlocked.

Positioning the rings at unlocks the device.
Unlocking the device displays a video of what happened to Lexi!.
Returning to the device, the ninth slot in the footer is now 'lit'.

QuestShaun twitters three more codes.

  • YSBsaXRlcmFsIHBlcnNwZWN0aXZl = a literal perspective
  • dGhlIHBob3RvIGlzIGtleQ = the photo is key
  • YSBiYXNpYyByZXNwb25zZQ = a basic response

QuestShaun twitters more binary code

  • 01110100011010000110010100100000 011100110111010101101101 = the sum
  • 01101111011001100010000001110000 01100001011100100111010001110011 = of parts

QuestShaun posts a new video: "photo" (link)

It is the image of the logs and a flash of the base64 code: YmxhY2t3b29k = blackwood

[edit] June 5

The seventh and eighth documents in PANATROG.org's secure section are revealed (by mouseover)

Document 7 is detailed information about Shaun Lloyd - exceptional Panatrog agent; wife, JoAnna Deak; daughter, Lexi Lloyd; current location unknown; disappeared in 1997 at the Brooklyn Bridge gearway; PANATROG is to protect his family for security reasons.
Document 8 outlines Operation Otherkin - surveillance of Lexi Lloyd. Dutchfelines and ASmarmyYeti are working against PANATROG. Concern is shown to retain the Pact between the SETs and humans. Lexi may 'bridge the divide'. She's "starting to transition", and she was adopted as a child.
At the bottom of the last document are a series of numbers each on a separate line: 7, 12, 1, 19, 39, 12, 3

QuestShaun twitters a number of binary codes

  • the sum
  • a final
  • reduction
  • of parts
011110010110111101110101001000000110100001100001011101100110010100100000 01110100011010000110010100100000011010110110010101111001
  • you have the key
011100110111010001100001011000110110101100100000011101000110100001100101 001000000110001101101111011001000110010101110011
  • stack the codes

Lock #10 of the device is unlocked.

Positioning the rings at unlocks the device.
Unlocking the device displays a new puzzle with Runes.

The final Rune puzzle is solved, revealing a congratulatory message, and more.

Entering the solution code: using the runed alphabet follows through to a contest congratulatory message, followed by an animated version of the online Hellboy comics.
Returning to the device, the tenth slot in the footer is now 'lit'.

PANATROG adds another video in their secure section, documenting a TROG entering and examining Lexi's room, and effectively closing Operation Otherkin.

Nothing is revealed, but interestingly, there is a poster for the movie "Knocked Up" on her wall; we see the wall of pictures, her laptop and webcam, the HETFET poster, and her empty bed before the door closes.

[edit] June 6


HETFET has received endless reports of the 'devil man', confirming his existance and name as Hellboy. Regardless of the trail of destruction he's leaving behind, HETFET is still supporting his ethical treatment.

[edit] June 11

Campaign credits are posted on CrackTSD.com (direct link)

[edit] June 17

Hellboymovie.com has been updated with a new interface and design, with new galleries and content!

[edit] June 18

More downloadables have been posted - Wallpapers, Production Images, Liz and Nuada character bios, and a creature design documentary video!

[edit] June 21

Now available - Del Toro's scrapbook, a Hellboy banner, and "Tumour Baby" - on the downloadable goodies page

[edit] June 24

Just added - Cathedral Head, and a quote generator

[edit] July 7

New video added to downloadables - A world exclusive Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala special Featurette video!

[edit] July 9

Post-game Puppetmaster Q&A interview with DOuble Twenty posted at Wikibruce.com

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