[edit] Puzzles

[edit] Ongoing

  • The secret device
    Every so often, a new light is half-lit, prompting a search for a new 3-number combination sequence. There are 10 lights, 10 slots. A successful unlock gives a 'reward', anywhere from a video, to documents, to websites.
  • Secret device Chimes
    Also on the device, when unlocking a combination, three chimes ring in a pattern (associated with the top, left, and right rings/lights)

  • Runes
    Scattered among various pages and websites are symbols (runes) that only after some received a coded document began to make sense. That letter became the initial 'key' for decoding further appearances of the rune.
  • Secret Device runes
    Also rune-related are appearances of the runes on The secret device rewards themselves, appearing to spell out a word or phrase.

  • Who is Dutchfelines?
    This youtube user has been providing secret video footage of PANATROG. Where from, how? What are all the codes and terms being used in these videos, and can they help us understand the greater picture? Who are the good guys?

  • PANATROG.org requires a passphrase
    We have one, will there be more?

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