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Welcome to the wiki! This site is a reference intended to track all the information about the ARG promoting the upcoming film Hellboy 2, in theatres July 11.

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July 9 - Post-game Puppetmaster Q&A interview with DOuble Twenty posted at Wikibruce.com

July 7 - New video added to downloadables - A world exclusive Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala special Featurette video!

June 24 - More downloadables: Cathedral Head, and a quote generator

June 21 - Now available: Del Toro's scrapbook, a Hellboy banner, and "Tumour Baby" - Downloadables

June 18 - More downloadables have been posted - Wallpapers, Production Images, Liz and Nuada character bios, and a creature design documentary video!

June 17 - Hellboymovie.com has been updated with a new interface and design, with new video and photo galleries, and loads of other content!

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