Lovely Little Box~~(part 1) :)
By Lexivision (May 16)

My favorite thing in my Room!!!!

just a few little things that keep me going...
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Ok guys I really want to share with you my favorite thing in my room. Lovely.. Little... Box... All these different like words or poems or pictures and stuff from different magazines like over the years and whenever I get depressed or saddened in any way I can always read one of these poems and feel better. I have Fearless by Brooke A. Morris and it reads..

More afraid of not flying
Than of falling.
More afraid to hide away my feelings
Than of bawling.
More afraid to sit in silence
Than to speak up for someone else.
More afraid to close my mind
Than to open my eyes and see.
More afraid to close my heart
Than to let in diversity.
More afraid of not trying
Than of failing
More afraid of not thinking
Than of letting my imagination go sailing.
More afraid to settle for less
Than to keep striving
More afraid of not living
Than of dying.

So thats one of my very favorite poems.
  • The poem is named "Fearless", and the author is actually unknown - first discovered appearance is March 15, 2000 attributed to Anonymous (ref) and has since been used as an inspirational email forward, and also attributed to Brooke A. Morris (ref - Apr 24/08)