Prank Callers are LAME
By Lexivision (May 12)

Prank callers are lame-Get a life people!
Just another Vlog from me...... and fairies in my room - i checked everywhere ;)


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Hey guys! Lex here. First off, I just wanted to apologize for my last VLOG. I don't know what's going on, like, to be honest, but I thank everyone for writing in, and checking on me; that was really comforting. I miss my mom a lot, a lot more than I thought too. I usually talk to her. That's nice, I just didn't think she'd be gone this long. I'm still getting a lot of hangups which I think is really wierd. Before, it was like once in a while or whatever, it's like irritating, but not like, creepy. Now it's just like, it feels like.. you know when like someone's being watched? My door dream - my reoccurring door dream - my dad's been in it, which is... really wierd, cuz I haven't had a dream about him since he left. I think a week after he left, I had one dream where he was saying goodbye, but I was asleep, so I don't really know why I was dreaming about him now. And speaking of my dad, I found this card that I gave to him for fathers day, like years ago. And we used to always do riddles and stuff together, you know? This had our favourite riddle on it which is really cool. I kinda would like to do this riddle with you guys if you will. So.
  • Start by picking a small number. Do you have it?
  • Now, double the number... add 8 to the result... divide the result by 2... subtract the original number
  • And now we're going to convert that result into a letter - so 1 would be A, 2 would be B, 3 would C, ekcetra[sic].
  • So with that letter, name a country that begins with it.
  • Now think of an animal whose name starts with the second letter of that country.
  • Think of a colour of that animal. You got it?
Thanks for doing that, guys :)


your dad?
and what about your father?