bad night
By Lexivision (May 11)

hi everyone, im editing this description because i posted this in the middle of the night...
so i probably overreacted, but i heard noises outside. like someone was outside my window. It was probably just a cat or something, right?

youtube link


So I just heard a noise outside and I don't know what it is. I really hate being alone right now bc I feel a little uneasy and I just... Hello... Hello... I'm just really getting creaped out. You know my day used to always say, “When things go bump in the night to bump right back,” or something but it just really doesnt seem to be helping me right now bc... Im just really weirded out.


you are home alone? completely alone?
A Smarmy Yeti,
I'll have to agree with Truffula. Please keep the comments normal...
I dont need to be anymore freaked out than i already am.