another Random VEE-LOG! ;)
By Lexivision (May 1)

i made this vlog yesterday, not talking about much in particular. im still trying to edit it better BUT--i should be im just posting this as it is!
I'll make another this weekend.....ok- off to study!
(tell me what ya think!!!)

youtube link


Hey guys! Its Lex! I just wanted to chat to someone because it's kind of lonely right now, with the cat gone and my mom gone and everything. My birthday's coming up, I'm really excited, I'm going to buy my first lotto ticket and my best friend finally made plans with me, finally, and we're going to go to dinner and probably a movie and I just cant wait to see her, you know? I haven't seen her in a really long time. And I'm wearing my favorite shirt which is right here. It's very soft, very very soft, and it's fairies, and I don't know if thats like a donkey, or a.. I don't know what that is. So I finally got a chance to look up HETFET, which is what the cat lady had mentioned before. It stands for Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Fairies Elves and Trolls. It's this really neat site about like saving the endangered species, in a way, you know of like a mystical world. I'm not quite sure... I mean like it can't be real I don't think, but it crosses both reality and dream world, I think. Well thanks for watching guys once again, this is Lex. I'll talk to ya later, bye!