By Lexivision (April 22)

Plant A Tree!
Save the Planet!

and by all means...tell me what you think of the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch!

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Hello guys! Happy Earth Day! First I wanted to thank everyone for all of the responses since my last vlog which was exciting bc it was kind of scary but as far as this Hetfet thing I don’t know what it is so I cant respond really so I thought id let you all know that at once. Pollution is a big deal I do my best to recycle. I try to walk everywhere just bc its healthier for me and I used to use energy saving light bulbs but then I found out they have mercury in them and so they stopped using thermometers bc it was toxic. They save energy and its cool and all but it they break you have to call the toxic people. Its like a battery if you throw it the trashcan and it breaks or whatever the insides spill out and its toxic. Now I feel bad bc at first I thought I was helping the earth and I wasn’t. I used to scuba dive a lot and I got my scuba diving license when I was 13 and we used to have this thing once a year we used to clean the ocean. There is this place in the middle of the ocean that is called the pacific garbage patch I don’t know if you heard about this but its like this huge thing. huge. People say its different sizes one guy said it was double the size of Texas, one guy said it was the size of taxes, its big, one guy said 30 ft, then I heard it was 300ft. again its just big. It has all of the plastics in it from the 1950s and Instead of it biodegrading it photodegrades. The sun heats it up and it becomes brittle and breaks like glass so now they are trying to figure out how to clean it up. What is in it really? Happy earth day. Let me know your thoughts.