Military Experiments? Unknown Origin - Part 5
By dutchfelines (May 20)

WARNING: This is a movie that deals with a very strange and disturbing subject matter - it may shock you. However this is not my reason for posting it. I have come across this movie from sources that I am not allowed to disclose. This movie is about just what the title states, that is all I can say. It's strange bizarre footage that seems to delve into the unexplained. This movie shows clips that are REAL. You of course may judge for yourself. I posted this for the people who dare to seek the truth as I do, you know who you are, the open minded folk. I also posted it to show things that are happening around you that you dont know about. Now and in the past. Knowing, understanding, and searching truth is the reason I have taken great risk to show you this.

NOTE to all: I have not filmed these videos myself. I am just exposing the truth and what is real.

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Section 5.1
Escape & Evade.

In this section we will focus on tactics that TROG agents can employ if they are ever threatened by an SET. In order to remain unaffected by the chemo-optical SET, TROGs must learn to control their syno-synchs - this requires an intense amount of focus and concentration. Control is achieved by supervised REM-bursting. Each agent is different and each must venture a different path to dynamically moderate, diffuse, and escape the power of Glamour. If attempted improperly or unsupervised, Syno-synching can result in cerebral trauma, so be advised. Field TROGs should always have a live canary at the ready. Tis bird's keen sense of smell enables it to detect SET aura inside of the 120 yards radius. Offering potential for SET agro-noose, as discussed in Capture, section 3.2. Serpentine Mobile Evac (SME) is an excellent way to confuse SET optical tracking. If you are unable to perform SME, deploy FOIL as a last resort. See section 3.0 Capture. If said confrontation transpires, TROG agents must perform the RAC, or Run-And-Cover, technique. This involves sprinting at full speed for between 2-5 seconds, then letting the body go completely limp. TROG research indicates that employing this ENE technique has an 81% success rate, but beware - most agents have a difficult time committing, so supervised practice is mandatory for new cadets. ENE tactics are last resort measures. ---- cells are risky to the agents that choose to perform them. So be advised. You are now on the path to becoming a fully commissioned TROG operative, and joining the ranks of a rare breed of special agent. For now you shall have full command over sections Risk Eval Intro, Survival, Deep check, SPOT, Walk, Intro Recon, Enviro-strat((cut))

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