Tattoos or not?
By Lexivision (May 6)

Here's my latest Vlog.....

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It turns out my wonderful birthday dinner was not so great because Kristen brought... her boyfriend. I mean I really shouldn't complain that much about it but like, apparently the reservations weren't right at the restaurant and he threw this big huge tantrum in front of everyone which like, and I mean honestly not a big deal so we waited another 15 minutes. Who cares? I'm going to try to positive right now and stop talk about him. I think I may get a tattoo. Ok, I hate to say it but I like Britney's tattoo... that's right, Spears.. she has a little fairy tattoo on her back. And I don't think I'd get it on my lower back because I think thats a little too trendy but I feel like tattoos like, you know, should be something significant to you and I really, really like fairies. I actually replaced my mom's necklace with my old fairy one.. Don't tell her.. Just kinda too shiny. I don't know if I'd actually get a tattoo. My mother would actually kill me. In that box that I found with my birthday present was a picture of my dad. I haven't seen him in like 10 years - he just kinda disappeared, and I also found a fathers day card but I guess mom has it. Pet peeve! I hate prank callers.. creepy right now just because no one's home... and it's been happening, like, more and more. I will talk to you guys soon.


- Lexi's dad?