[edit] HETFET - News Release


(May 19)


Troll abuse in Colorado is on the rise, according to a recent HETFET report. This follows a startling trend that, unfortunately, the organization has seen before.

Studies show that during times of economic decline, reports of troll abuse tend to go up, according to HETFET spokesman Elizabeth Moora. Nationwide troll cruelty complaints have climbed 235% according to recent estimations. Said Moora, “When the economy is in a slump, when people are in debt or having a rough go, they’re more likely to take out their frustrations on other groups such as mystical creatures and fairie folk. Unfortunately, (trolls) are typically easy targets.”

Beyond economic factors, Moora also maintains that troll abuse is systemic in nature, as evidenced by the recent “Bridge Troll” incident involving an off duty Sheriff’s Deputy.

“The fear and loathing that trolls face should not be dismissed or wiped under the rug. Unless we educate the public about these badly misunderstood creatures, the cycle of violence will continue against them, with or without problems in the economy…” said Moora. “That cycle must end! And here at HETFET we give people the tools and the knowledge to overcome their fears and suspicions.”

  • Clicking on the Bridge Troll link leads us to a humorous true news story about a "Troll".