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[edit] Protect Ancient Forests -- Stop the Logging of Old-Growth Trees =

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Our ancient forests are being destroyed! Our government has released plans to turn 2.6 million acres of public forests into stump-fields. This plan would increase the logging of old-growth trees by over 700%!

Our national forests are the home to millions of beautiful, majestic creatures, and if our government's plan comes to fruition, their very livelihoods will be threatened. It's time to stand up for those who have no voice, and force our government to reconsider their foolish stance on this issue. You can help! Sign this petition today, and together we'll let the government know how we feel about this important issue. Enough is enough!
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Dear Government Agency,

These are my official comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Western Oregon Plan Revisions.

The DEIS is fundamentally flawed and should be reworked to protect native forests, wildlife and watersheds. Rural communities are at an economic crossroads — the boom and bust roller coaster of old-growth logging is not the way to ensure long-term stability and vitality.

For too long, the United States government has allowed the logging industry to pillage and eviscerate old growth public forests. These forests constitute the natural habitat for millions of unique, majestic creatures. By failing to protect these creature's natural habitat, we are forcing them from their forest homes into urban areas where they are easily confused, often leading to unnecessary violence and untimely deaths.

Instead of increasing old-growth logging, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) should focus on science-based restoration of previously logged landscapes. Doing so will not only improve forest health and provide a safe haven for our creature brethren, but also provide jobs and a steady flow of wood as a by-product. This is the best way to meet the social and economic objectives of the O&C Act.

Public forests are not just a habitat for the majestic creatures of the woods. They also offer peace, solace, and recreation for millions of people. This woodland tranquility is the birthright of every citizen, and by not protecting public forestland, you are in essence robbing us of our birthright.

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