[edit] HETFET - News Release


(May 2)

Guillermo Del Toro Endorses HETFET

By Shera Vellotts It is our great pleasure to announce that Guillermo Del Toro is now part of the HETFET family! Mr. Del Toro (or GDT as he’s affectionately known around here) is a vastly talented and award winning filmmaker with an unflinching pursuit of pure art forms and a tireless devotion to his fans. When he believes in something, he’ll fight for it - which is exactly why HETFET is thrilled he has joined our ranks!

At HETFET, we couldn’t ask for a better spokesman and activist than GDT. We know some of our views are often controversial and there are many who think our methods are too extreme, but the bottom line is that there are creatures that need saving, and if a few noses are bent along the way, we believe that’s a price that must be paid. GDT shares those views, and has agreed to devote his time and resources to help make the world aware of HETFET and our cause.

“HETFET methods may seem extreme- but their raids to medical labs have libertated more pixies and Tooth Fairies than decades of negotiations with the Food and Cosmetics industries. Troll skins fetch extraodrdinary prices in the Eastern European black market and this money finances illegal Troll Farms and many sordid activities perpetrated on the Fairy Folk. On the other hand, every time HETFET manages to have a fundraiser, their tally comes up to a pittance. Their only resort is activism. We must not rest until the last Troll can feel the moss of the Old Country under its webbed feet, in freedom, in acceptance and in peace.” - GDT

We encourage everyone to check out HETFET.org and become part of our ever-growing community of members who, just like you, are willing to allow HETFET into their hearts and minds and have made the decision to make a difference in this world. Thank you, GDT, and please know that every troll, elf and pixie life we save is, in part, due to your gracious philanthropy.