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(May 16)

This emailed news item is related to the HETFET posted news article "HETFET EXPOSES AUGUSTINE TROLL ABUSE"
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Dear HETFET Member,

We knew something fishy was going on at Augustine Pharmaceuticals, and our worst fears have been confirmed. HETFET has recently discovered that Augustine's research facility was systematically farming and abusing trolls, in an attempt to extract their life giving marrow. The trolls at this facility were subjected to numerous atrocities, including several strange procedures and other painful and often fatal tests. It is still unknown exactly how many trolls died under these harsh conditions.

After a lengthy undercover operation conducted by one of HETFET's activists, we've done our part to hold Augustine Pharmaceuticals accountable for gross violations of ethics, federal law, and human decency. For their cruel and inhumane treatment of living creatures, Augustine has justly been shut down by local authorities, and formal charges are currently pending. But it's just not enough.

For too long, the cosmetics industry has received a "pass" from the mainstream media regarding the negligent testing of living creatures. We at HETFET ask you to boycott products that test on ANY living creature - no matter their origin or species.

United we are strong, and by banding together and pledging not to use products from any company on the "bad list," we CAN make a difference.

Lots of things are afoot inside the HETFET Forums, THE SECRET DEVICE and beyond... so check back often because together, we can make a difference.

For the trolls,