Spooky. What are they saying?
By asmarmyyeti (April 27)
I found this video camera recently in a park. I couldn't find the owners but I did find this video inside. Have a look.
youtube link

Translation provided by Blueman in Hetfet Forums

Man: "That really looks amazing. Marko will surely like this ... hang on ...and, uh, I dunno what that's supposed to mean but it does look good. It's cool, isn't it, [the graffiti] up there. [Cut to close up of man and Girl] Now we can have breakfast at my place..."
Girl: "Come on, it's really cold!"
Man: "That was really cool. Look at the camera!"
Girl: "You got enough already, haven't you?"
Man: "wait, wait, wait"
[Cut to wall with that sort of door graffiti]
Man: "I just want to film this ..."
Woman: "Florian!! Let's move on, now."
Man: "No, look over there. Look! Something comes out of the wall there! Woow! What ...? Woow!"
Woman: "Come on!!"
Man: "Over there ... do you see ...."