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  • Substitution cipher

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This letter from HETFET:

Greetings HETFET Supporter,

We are proud to present our most valued supporters with this authentic script reproduction from a long lost culture. Our HETFET historian has reason to believe that the original article was drafted in another realm, by another hand.

We apologize for the quality of this document. We had originally planned to reproduce several hundred, but upon completion of only a precious few, a fire mysteriously broke out, nearly destroying all evidence of this work.

Please accept this trophy on behalf of HETFET and all the mystical folk we are here to protect.

Very best wishes!

From BonnieRingtail:

All on official HETFET letterhead with SAVE THE TROLLS stamped in silver ink on the bottom, and the artifact is burned around the edges, clearly just barely saved from the mysterious fire. Very neat!

[edit] Notes

References are made to Blackwood, Shaun Lloyd, a Crown piece, Master (Prince) Nuada, and Wink

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