The Most Exciting News EVER!!! (i think)
By Lexivision (June 1)
I dont have much time so just check out my Vlog and wish me luck....
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Ok guys, more really weird things are going on. I got this email from this guy claiming to be my dad, right, which is..normally I would completely brush off and think that that's absolutely impossible, except he said two things in the email. The first was to check the secret spot, and the second was to check this toolbox, right? And I have nothing better to do, so I humored him and I went to the secret spot, which was.. when I was little I had a bunch of rats, right, for pets because my mom wouldn't let me have cats. And there was this one that was my absolute favourite, and his name was Brandon, and when he passed away, my dad and I buried him - just him and I alone, my mom was out at the supermarket - by this tree, right? And there was a little headstone - nobody knows, because it's just a regular rock. And so in this email he told me to look north a foot, near the tree, and start digging. And I dug up this ring, right, but.. I mean, it's my dad's ring; like I still remember, he's the only one that I've ever seen wear a ring like this. So once I found that I thought I should definitely look for this toolbox. But the thing with the email is that it said in the garage that, you know this toolbox was there; but I've been to the garage, like I know there's no toolbox there. But where he said to look, I had to move a bunch of boxes and stuff, and.. there was like an old rusty toolbox, right? So I lifted the lid, and these instructions were in them. And, I mean I just didn't know what to think about all this because, I mean the possibility of my dad being alive is like, just indescribable, really. So I called my mom (took me forever to get a hold of her), but I finally got a hold of her, and she starts bawling on the phone when I start asking her about it. So then I start crying because she's admitting my dad is alive, which is like... I mean, I really can't even put it into words, like, I just, I don't know; I mean the fact that he's trying to contact me now, it's just, it's... it's just so scary, but exciting, because I really want to see him, and... my mom told me to stay put, right, she said she's coming back within a week. But the thing is, I just, I can't wait, I... my dad's trying to get me to meet him, and I just, I can't, I need to do this, I'm finally an adult and this is the first thing I get to do on my own you know? And he told me to meet him at this bridge, I mean...--((cut))-- ..ked. So, I called Kay - of course she didn't answer the phone - big surprise there - so I thought I would leave this with all of you. And I thank you so much for listening, and if you do not see me, you know where I am. I'm just kidding, you'll definitely see me, but... thank you so much again, have a great day.