My dad?
By Lexivision (May 21)
Life's been a bit rough lately. But im hanging...
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Hey guys! I have been studying non-stop for this stupid finals, I cannot wait for them to be over. Like, I don't sleep any more because I'm always studying; well, I can't really sleep anyway because of these stupid nightmares, but I just have so much studying to do it's ridiculous. Worthless fact - well maybe not worthless, some of them are interesting, I have to admit. But for the most part, I'm just memorizing so many things that I won't remember tomorrow, or whenever, but you know what I mean? And then on top of everything else, someone sent me this email that had a link to Youtube, right, and I swear to you, my dad is in it. He's in this like, army outfit or whatever, right, but he was a mechanic. I even remember as a kid, he'd wake up in the morning and go work on cars, you know. Or he was always fixing things in the garage or whatever. I just don't understand what these are, but that's really, really creepy. Talk to you guys later.


where is your father?
creepy, leave me alone.