Today's my Birthday! :)
By Lexivision (May 3)

Here's another Vlog.
Mom, if your watching, and thanks for the gift.
Off to get a hot lotto ticket...then out.
Thanks for watching!!!

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It's my birthday today! Yay! Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear Lexi. I'm really excited to go buy my lotto ticket. My mom left me presents under her bed and this actually I just saw, but, there were some interesting things in that. I wanted to open this for all of you. Aw, thats sweet... My momma... It's a little L flower.. which goes.. I wonder if it will go with my fairy necklace. I wonder. I think I may be able to put the L on at least on this chain. Maybe. I dunno, I guess for today I'll wear my mom's birthday present.. I have to admit I miss my mom a lot, especially her cooking because all I've eaten is like, mac and cheese and pizza and I just like don't want anything cheesy. I really want like, steamed vegetables. It's really pathetic. I can't wait for Kristen to get here, but not to mention her boyfriend won't be there, which is really really cool and I just get to have quality time with my friend. I just want to hang out; it gets lonely here. I had a dream about Mr.O and it was just kinda weird like he was just there but I was driving and I just kinda left him. And I just, I don't know, for some reason I woke up with a lot of anxiety, like just extraordinarily anxiety ridden and unsettled and walked around the house for a while. It was like 2am, I don't know. I think I'm going to try to go visit her, the crazy cat lady, just to make sure because it just seemed weird in my dream. It would be really nice to just like, talk. She was a really nice lady the first time, so.. but yeah, I actually have to get going because Kristen's coming! So I will talk to you guys later but have a lovely, lovely evening. 'kay, bye!