By Lexivision (April 24)

I wasn't tagged, im doing it anyway. :P So here's 5 totally random facts about ME!
and i found a stray cat..if u recognize him, let me know please!

youtube link


Hey guys! Lexi here. My mom just left on a trip which is really exciting bc she finally left I know I spoke about this on my first vlog.. of Lexi ever. So Ive been on youtube alot… and I really like this 5 facts thing. I haven’t been tagged but I figured since everyone can see the five facts for the people who have been tagged I wanted to share mine bc its really cool. Actually that’s how I kind of found out about this vlog thing. Somebody knew that I was really obsessed with fairies I actually have this fairy necklace you know kind of enchanted stuff kind of hope or mystique I guess in life. And one of my friends knew my fairy obsession. So she showed me Lisa Nova and first I thought that she was hating bc she started off saying they are doing fairytastic things and she kind of was walking back and forth in her video. And I thought I don’t know what this is but then I saw her clip and Although I do love fairies, realistically I thought I was hysterical. So I also really like italksnakes and frezned. Frezned bc I think he kind of looks like harry potter. that would be fact number one. Fairies. Two is Roswell. I live in New Mexico near Roswell. One of those people where Roswell is where the alien sightings were supposed to be or whatever. and for the most part I believe the people who said it because they have spoken to me about it but I don’t think that there are aliens in the world that are trying to conquer earth. I don’t know. Like they are coming to attack earth. Mars Attacks. Actually roswell has these really tacky little lamp posts things with alien faces. Do what you can to get ppl to live there. Number 3, ok don’t get freaked out bc a lot of ppl do. So I bend like this… I have boobs in my back…Fact #4. I used to dream about these rollercoasters. Sometimes I would be waiting in line for one or sometimes id be on one and it would just be forever and it was never really scary or sometimes I had this really weird one where My friend was supposed to be operating the rollercoaster and we were waiting on this dock and the rollercoaster came and halted and this woman like popped out and her veins were everywhere and just blood and it was this horrific dream... called a nightmare. Lately Ive been dreaming about doors I know its kinda weird well not doors just one. And sometimes its open and sometimes its not. Fact number five is that since my mom has been gone I found this cat. ..kitten.. this is Mr. Omatta who doesn’t really want to be held right now. I found him and he just came right up I know it doesn’t seem like it now but he came up to me and no one seems to claim him. I call him Mr. O for short and I have done the right thing and put up posters and stuff but no one has claimed him yet so its been really cool just to have my little buddy with me. You know. Moms out of town. Its nice to come home to someone. So I figured id try it here too. If anybody recognizes this collar which is 23-44-12 let me know bc I have your cat.