My 1st V-Log, or Vlog, Video Log....
By Lexivision (April 16)
Okay everyone, here's my first official YouTube video! I'll prolly get beat up by you guys but I had fun making this anyway... maybe I'll make more if you like it :)
youtube link


Hi, I'm Lexi Lloyd this is my first vlog so its kind of different I write a lot on my own website which is but this is my first ever video experience. There are a lot of really cool vloggers already on this that know what to say and seem to have really cool sayings and I don’t know seem a little more witty than I am right now and its kind of tripping me out just seeing myself on the computer right now talking to you guys. A little bit about me. I live with my mom and shes actually finally letting me have like the house to myself which is incredible because she finally trusts me enough to let me have that freedom which is exciting. My best friend and I have like hung out every day we like hang out at the yogurt shop after school and do our homework together and we often get into trouble but lately shes had this boyfriend which has been kind of terrible just bc they don’t really seem happy And shes not hanging out with me anymore but I have more time to do stuff like this and maybe it will work out. I have to admit her bf is kind of an idiot like I mean she claims shes really happy and all but he just does some really embarrassing things like humping things in public bc he thinks its funny and I think shes cooler than that. I would have to say cats over dogs mostly because my mom wont let me have a cat, shes allergic and so I never get to play with them and they are so soft and cuddly and cute and dogs are so predictable and jump every where and that’s kind of annoying; dogs are really cute too don’t get me wrong. I'm an animal lover.. (mom calls) What? OK gotta go, Thank you.