[edit] Guillermo Del Toro: More about HETFET

  • In some posts at the Universalpictures forum for Hellboy 2 (link) Guillermo discussions details about HETFET.
Okay- allow me to explain...

As I was recruiting for extras in HBII I was approached by HETFET via their Hungarian branch. They showed me their charts and made me aware of many terrible things being done to Trolls and Fairies right in front of our noses. Major corporations use them to experiment on because they last longer than most lab animals.

Most Tooth Fairies are crammed into cargo containers and smuggled illegaly into the US. 70% are farmed in Eastern Europe. They are fed cheap calcium or limestone and kep in cages much smaller than allowed by HETFET guidelines. Trolls are being used as sewer labour in So-called "First World" nations in europe and videos supporting these theories are supressed constantly-

Even videos like the "German Tourist video" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03fvxlvC1XY you have seen get pulled out of circulation rather rapidly or "exposed" as hoaxes. Quite false, actually. That video shows a painted "doorway" A "stenciled" Spell contained in a doorway "cartouche" that allows safe passage between worlds. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can spot them in EVERY CITY in the world- ususlly under traffic bridges (Trolls dwell under bridges) and open sewage drains.

But, how to come forth then?? We used some HETFET liberated allies as extras in HBII, gave them food and shelter and, for the first time in months, many of them could enjoy a warm bed and clan sheets. Unfortunately, some of them enjoyed eating them too.

But, at any rate, even when Spectral Motion protested vigorously, we decided to film with real live TROLLS and other creatures (specially wild Bogarts) manyy of which escaped into the cave systems of the troll market and are probably breeding in the dark right now. Bogarts are like rats or roaches and they're used as "messengers" and "Cleaning" scavangers in the Troll Markets around the world. Bogarts are also used as pickpockets and organ grinder pets (and to feed large animals like the Hurrump and the FangleFuzz.

Soon we will release an Illustrated guide to TROLL MARKETS everywhere. Stay tuned at this website for it. VERY HANDY!!

Support HETFET. After this film, I believe that the practices of the SQUEAKY CLEAN company and their cover operations must be brought to light.



PD The HETFET people inform me that the German couple in the video has offcially joined the resistence. They assure me they're absolutely OK. Alive and well, they said. Nevertheless a loud burp and a giggle was heard in the background during the phone call... and they quickly hung up.