[edit] Guillermo Del Toro: HETFET Member

  • In some posts at the Universalpictures forum for Hellboy 2 (link) Guillermo outs HETFET as a real organization.
Okay, fine, HETFET exists- Soon video proof that Trolls and their world must be protected will be release. These videos will make you question the very fabric of your every day life.


PD Did you know that 3 species of Tooth Fairies are already exctinct?? That w ehave almost entirely depleted the "glamour"*** layer on Earth?? That there are no Fragglewumps being bred in captivity and their number was, at last count, under two dozens in the entire globe...

What are you going to do about it??

***Also known as "grammarye" Glamour is a delicately balance chemo-optical element that allows Fairy Folk to look acceptable to the human eye. It also replenishes Vitamins E and C in the liver of Bog Fairies and Fragglewumps.

Astonishing footage of the portals has been obtained... There's a world under ouir feet- a world angry and resentful. Rightly so, may I add, for we waste the soil we trample and the air we burn with chemicals...

There are only 3 fire slaamanders left in the alchemical substrata of Peking. Isn't it time you recycled your pop=tarts wrappings?



More on it later. Attach to as many emails as you can and spread it-

We must act before they raise against us.


email away