[edit] Troll Protestors Busted In Big Apple At Ny Comicon
Apr 21, 2008 – Dozens of protesters armed with “Save The Trolls” signs disrupted a gathering at New York City’s Jacob Javits Center this past weekend, intent on raising awareness for a grassroots organization called Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Fairies, Elves and Trolls (HETFET), but after a short time, police arrived on the scene to disperse them, forcebly removing several of the protestors in the process.

Claiming to be servants of peace and harmony for all living creatures, these HETFET supporters stopped at various landmarks in Manhattan, where they chanted and marched for several hours to raise awareness of “man’s encroachment and defiling of the troll habitat, as well as those of other ‘mystical creatures’.” The group also handed out stickers and fliers promoting their website, http://www.hetfet.org.

“We are here in New York City, the greatest symbol of mankind’s excesses, to lend a voice to a dying breed,” said one protestor, prior to the police’s arrival. “Trolls are a maligned and endangered species whose voices are crying out to be heard. ”

HETFET, a grass roots movement devoted to promoting and developing an understanding and appreciation for all mystical creatures, is that voice. And judging by the turnout of today’s demonstration, that voice is ready to project onto the world stage.

Amidst chants of “Hey you, why you hatin’, trolls ain’t for exploitatin’ (sic), and ”Hey Elf, why the grin, ‘cause HETFET’s here to save my skin,” protest organizers confirmed that this event was barely “scratching the surface” of what they have planned. “We’re leading the charge because somebody has to. HETFET is here to stay!”

Although small in numbers, the protestors were energetic and committed to raising awareness. At one point, the demonstration took hold of the entrance to the convention center, blocking car and foot traffic for several minutes until security arrived to clear the area, and that was the beginning of the trouble.

Soon, police arrived on the scene, and while most of the group was cooperative, police say several “unruly” protestors needed to be forcibly restrained.

Much of this protest centered around the plight of woodland creatures, whom HETFET claims are in dire need of help. Said advocate Elizabeth Moora, “Deforestation is driving the population of elves, pixies and trolls to the brink of extinction. Save a tree, save an elf! And if some of us need to be incarcerated for the word to get out, then so be it!”

Beyond the arrests, some other controversies loomed around this demonstration as well. Rumors spread that the gathering was nothing more than a publicity stunt cooked up to advertise the upcoming Hellboy movie sequel. When asked about the rumor, protesters vehemently denied the allegations. “We are certainly not tied to any motion picture. That is absurd!”

Said a police officer who wished to be kept anonymous, “If this was a fake, nobody told us about it. As far as the NYPD is concerned, this was the real deal—or as real as a bunch of tree huggers can get, anyway. Uh, take out that last part, okay?”

If you would like to learn more about HETFET, visit them online at http://www.hetfet.org

Source: SheraVellotts