Lovely Little Box ~ (part deux) :)
By Lexivision (May 19)
Another completely RANDOM vlog i made over the weekend about Poems n stuff.
youtube link


Lovely Little Box...
  • "Life is too good to feel bad"
  • "The best reason to get naked"

And then I mean I also have heavier things like, this poem is about like, trusting guys.
Then there's this one which is kind of fun ....

I am........
...constantly inconsistent,
normally strange,
cheerfully morbid,
ingeniously smart,
quietly loud,
harmlessly dangerous,
serioulsy joking,
deeply shallow,
simply confusing,
spastically calm...
....Call me crazy.

  • "Or anywhere you dare."

And it's got like this cartoon.

  • "Kick me".

So this is my favorite box.... sweetheart... Thats about it. Have a good day! Bye!
  • The poem is Identity, by Megan McCall (found on page 18 of this PDF, with a photo of a cat and 2 other poems)