Vlog About Dreams and other Random Things
By Lexivision (April 28)

Random rants about my life

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Hello guys! It is Lexi here. Ok, first I have to address the fact that I have been calling this a v-log and it's supposed to be called vlog. I'm a bit embarrassed and I just want to clear the air on that. I've now been schooled, a lot. My best friend is still with that guy which is terribly annoying. I rarely ever see her anymore which kind of sucks, but I'd almost rather..well I was going to say I'd almost rather not see her than like have to see him. I've still been having that weird dream, the door dream. I looked it up and it said that it was like... actually let me just read it to you. "Door: Opportunity for self discovery. If open, walk through it; if closed examine fear or block that is limiting you from going forward." I don’t know that I'm really scared at all so I don’t know quite what that means. Sometimes I think dream books are just kinda like too general. It didn’t say much about my rollercoaster one either... so, changes. Sad little fact about me - I had to give Mr.O back because this woman had posted a picture of him and I saw it and instead of ignoring it like I wanted to and just keeping the cat which would have been a lot of fun, I gave it back to her. And like, I swear, she had like 20 cats she was like the ultimate cat woman. It was kind of disheartening in a way because I don’t know how she could care for all of them, you know, when you have that many animals it's hard to give the proper attention, but in a way she was happy. He would always, like, sleep right here. Some people say that's because he was trying to suffocate me but I believe he was trying to cuddle. I miss that cat. She was a really nice lady and all but she saw my necklace, my fairy necklace, and she mentioned HETFET. Which is kind of weird because people have been asking about it before. And she actually told me to look it up, which I should have done before this little vlog. Vlog. I'm getting it. Alrighty then, you guys have a good day. Ill talk to you later. bye!