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[edit] Jan 12

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[edit] cant sleep
so i cant sleep tonight. it's super late and i have to get up extra early tomorrow-some school shit.

but i can't sleep.

i got in a fight with one of my best friends. seriously---how come girls are always fighting with each other? the drama, its so stupid.

anyhow--my 'friend' (lets call her 'J') all of a sudden she kinda just stopped talking to me last week and i have no idea what i did. J does this all the time. Like she is always mad at one person or another. i guess this week is my week where she decided to be mad at me.

we were planning on hanging out at the mall together and at the last minute i had to flake because i had a TON of homework, and i think thats what made her mad.
but instead of talking to me about it, she has just been giving me the silent treatment for over a week! thats just lame. anyhow---yesterday i sent her this CRAZY mean email. Oooops. No matter how hard I try to do the right thing, sometimes i can't help myself and i react. sigh. so now its a huge drama.

hence, i can't sleep.

life is rough enough as it is, how come friends can't just be friends?